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The traffic light system of Canada sucks!

Canada is considered one of the most developed countries. But in many small issues, it lags behind many developing countries and 3rd world countries. The first thing you can observe is the traffic light system which is totally different from the other countries and seems to be unsafe. There are the following points which makes it unsafe as compared to other countries:

  1. All the roads inside the cities are single-lane roads making them highly dangerous.

  2. Two sides of traffic move at the same time which is kind of risky whereas in other developed countries or Arab countries also, the movement of the traffic is allowed one direction at a time.

  3. Even for the left turn, two sides of traffic moves at the same time which is weird. And everything depends upon the judgment of the driver which is dangerous and risky in case the driver is tired.

  4. There is no separate traffic signal or specific light system for left turns. The same green light works for straight traffic and left-turn traffic as well. In some rare busy roads, there are specific left signals called advanced lights. "The advanced light" (a misnomer though!) is the most common thing you see all over the world. The matter of fun is that after advanced light goes red, you can still turn left on the straight green light.

  5. The rule to turn left is that the driver should let go of all straight traffic to go first and wait in the center of the road and wait until it gets clear which is the most common cause of accidents.

  6. In such a developed country, the traffic lights don't have countdowns; I mean drivers have to guess quickly whether to cross the light or wait.

  7. The right turn is free but still, except in a few places, there are no separate right turnings as such.

  8. This system makes it unsafe for pedestrians as well where driving is just the mind game, and I feel that humans cannot be correct hundred percent in judgments after they work day and night to meet the needs of their families. (If you have any idea about the inflation in Canada)

I think the people of Canada would like to see safer traffic light systems and rules to save their loved ones from being killed. We cannot argue that so and so the country has a worse system and ours are still better. No, we already living in the best country and we should always compare with the better one considering that simple changes are not a big deal for being adapted by this country for the safety of their people. There is a need for only minor changes like allowing only one side of traffic at one time, making double-lane roads, and putting countdown timers.

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